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Bossy Pants

The cover of Bossy Pants will get your attention even if Tina Fey’s name doesn’t. It’s her but with a large pair of “man hands.” From her time as a head writer on Saturday Night Live, anchor on Weekend Update, Sarah Palin impersonator and creative force behind 30 Rock, she’s had to boss a lot of folks around.

In the book, she says she’s never had that hard of a time directing around the famous folks. The hardest person she ever had to “boss” was the babysitter. This is her personality in a nutshell.

Anxiety seems to be her main demon and the book is very interesting reading to see how the mind of such an intelligent and accomplished writer and performer works. When you read about her juggling two tv shows, Oprah and her child’s birthday party, you feel like you can do whatever it is you need to do in life. She seems to do the same thing, comparing her problems to others to remind her that she can do it, too. There’s a chart in the book that compares her stress to the stress of coalminers in America and in Chile that she uses to keep it all in perspective. It’s pretty funny.

She has some very real moments in the book, like when she talks about some of the mean things she did herself growing up to other girls. She struck me as a very thoughtful, intropective person. It made me wonder if that was part of her impetus in her writing the movie Mean Girls.

Bossy Pants was so engaging, I read it all in one sitting. Fey performed the audio version of the book herself which was nominated for a Grammy. –Siriusreviews.com

Meriwether O’Connor

Meriwether O’Connor is a small farmer and writer. If you ever notice any chicken footprints across a review, she was probably typing outside in the barn.

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