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Bruce Campbell is great in this movie as an over-the-hill Elvis in an East Texas nursing home. He’s unable to get out of bed except with a walker. Not that he wants to because he traded places with an Elvis impersonator to escape his former life so now everyone thinks he’s just the impersonator. Okay so far. But turns out that an Egyptian mummy is hiding in the shed out back and keeps coming out at night to suck the blood of the retirees. All righteroo, dear friends, I’ve seen good and I’ve seen bad. And Almighty Bruce is great as Elvis, but there’s nothing else great about this strip of celluloid and you can never quite swallow a mummy in the outhouse even if he does swallow the blood of more and more of the crippled invalids. Putting the mummy in cowboy hat and spurs just doesn’t earn any points either. Bruce gets him in the end, but can’t save this one-actor farce from being embalmed. —Lukala for SiriusReviews.com

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