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Bwana Devil
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Bwana Devil

A 1956 film starring Robert Stack and Nigel Bruce. Thoughtful consideration of the merits of Bwana Devil shall without doubt lead any sirius reviewer to the inescapable conclusion that it ranks with Plan 9 From Outer Space as tying for the worst movie ever made. From the crayon-like credits to the stock jungle drums to the dull script and hilarious title, to the gloriously miscast actors, there is no disputing that Bwana Devil is an exercise in sheer waste of time, raw meat misdirected at the feet of vegetarians.

The story is the famous predation in Tsavo, Tanzania, in the 1890s by two lions which killed or devoured some dozen or so railroad workers, while an American engineer, brought in to supervise the building of a bridge, is forced to hunt down and kill the lions in order to complete the bridge.

Robert Stack of later Untouchables fame plays the engineer, in his first scene arriving like some drunken New Years Eve partier who in confusion has commandeered a railroad engine. The sight of a stern Elliot Ness breaking out in ribald song as he falls reeling from the cab is likely the best scene in the movie, and the only one worth watching.

Not satisfied with one-take scenes and insipid direction, the producers, in a naked effort to boost ratings, trotted out a white-haired overweight Nigel Bruce, set him in a canvas folding chair and propped his signature pipe in his mouth. Emitting his usual huffs and harrumphs and waxing mock indignant at the boringly predictable utterances of the other characters may have played well at 221-B Baker Street ten years earlier, but in the context of a siege by ghost-like lions in midnight East Africa such “acting” comes across as merely out-of-place tiresome cliche. For the first time, this reviewer confesses to not sitting through an entire film which he intended to review. Quelle catastrophe. —SiriusReviews.com

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Bwana Devil, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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