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Ed Wood, Cood, and Shood

One of Johnny Depp’s earlier efforts and in this reviewer’s opinion the movie most responsible for making the public aware of his talents. A delightful romp that achieves the highest accolade a movie can get—you forget it’s a movie. Ed Wood the movie is a spoof, write-up, and magnetic dramatic representation of the early film efforts of Ed Wood the Director. And not just a Director, but later acclaimed as the Worst Director of All Time. His crowning achievement was the spectacularly amateurish production Plan 9 From Outer Space. After seeing this film, I could not resist rushing out and buying my own copy of Plan 9 just to see how faithful the movie Ed Wood is to Ed Wood’s production of Plan 9. Not bad, actually, and surprisingly, I’ve seen many movies that are worse than Wood’s Plan 9. So it seems that worse directors lurked in the shadows of Plan 9’s graverobbing theme.

Johnny Depp’s stressed out, persistent, and bubbly persona as he portrays the angora-sweater wearing Ed Wood is phenomenal. However his excellent performance is surpassed by the astoundingly vigorous performance given by Martin Landau portraying the sick and drug-addicted Bela Lugosi whose last performances were starring roles in Ed Wood’s films. Ed Wood deserves the highest rating from SiriusReviews for the film genre: if you like camp, old-style B&W campy sci-fi/alien drive-in flicks, you’ll love Ed Wood. Tim Burton, the talented director, even had the good taste and boldness to film Ed Wood in black & white. —Glenn Lazar Roberts for SiriusReviews.com

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