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Foxes In The Henhouse: How the Republicans stole the South More Images
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Foxes In The Henhouse: How the Republicans stole the South

I came home the other day to package in the mail. The postal carrier had left Jarding and Saunder’s book (and lots of other fun stuff) in a birthday gift from friends. Boy, do they know me.

Political, cultural and funny at once. I think it might be useful reading for people from either end of the spectrum. Though the writers are obviously Dems, they do not pull any punches. The authors are very clear with their criticisms of their own party.

Their biggest beef is the way urban liberal politicians ignore rural liberals and thereby prevent progressives from sustaining power for an extended period of time. They go issue by issue explaining how guns, for example, are being used as a wedge by Republicans to pry country folks away from the party who in a practical matter most benefits them.

Smart, funny and savvy. How often do you find that in one book? —SiriusReviews.com

Meriwether O’Connor

Meriwether O’Connor is a small farmer and writer. If you ever notice any chicken footprints across a review, she was probably typing outside in the barn.

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