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Hellboy, by Guillermo del Toro More Images
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Hellboy, by Guillermo del Toro

What a romp! This dynamite picture has all the elements of a first-rate action story. Powerful but flawed hero, hopelessly in love. Troubled young lady love interest with an even greater power that is dormant until she loses control which always seems to happen at night… just a little subconscious nudge there. Old sick father figure played by John Hurt. Young male romance interest whose name I can’t recall. Ron Perlman is Hellboy in his most impressive role. Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro who does a fantastic job. And it’s yet another Cthulhu movie! Hail Yog-Sothoth!

Only defect is — typical for Hollywood productions — the movie suffers from the usual flaw of obligatory off-the-shelf Nazi bad guys. Usually this a serious defect that destroys the entire illusion, but I have to say that in this case they actually pulled it off. The lead Nazi even relates that he “was a boy in a mosque”. A tentative step in the direction of tying in Muslims with Nazis, which was at least historically accurate even if not necessary for the plot. Perlman even gets the girl in the end. I rate it a Five! —SiriusReviews.com.

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