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Home: Book One of Inverted Horizons, by Roger Thibault
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Home: Book One of Inverted Horizons, by Roger Thibault

Put on your shock helmets and charge your space-guns, for the Home Defense Force has launched and the after-burners are engaged. Defending humanity’s Home of the future, a Dyson Sphere built by aliens, a multi-racial police force flies to intercept a break-out by the Grath, a race of militant centaurs of prodigious reproductive ability, in a long-planned attempt to occupy the entire Sphere and eliminate all other intelligent entities in Home.

The plot is direct, the action break-neck, and the language short and sweet: “His telltales showed her engines were maxed out and she was ready to light the afterburners. He readied himself for the concussive shock and heard the blast proof window rattle as twin balls of flame shot from the engines and the jet leapt down the tunnel.” All that’s needed are a few hyphens to keep the language kosher, maybe some insertions to eliminate the many contractions, and perhaps a quick trip to some exotic places, but altogether a bang-up job in a classic action-serial of the pulp era of the Flash Gordon variety.

Buy it; and race to see what’s next in the series. —SiriusReviews.com.

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