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The Johnnyholts: Vol. I, by Glen Kilgore
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The Johnnyholts: Vol. I, by Glen Kilgore

Grab your halberd and fasten your codpiece because you’re about to be reborn in the sixteenth century. In this first installment of a three-volume series, mild Earthling Ross Claiborne has the ultimate after-death experience, waking up to a second life on an alien planet stuck in the Late Middle Ages. Wondering why and how, he is soon caught up in the daily pressures of survival as bands of brigands, termed Johnnyholts, wander the countryside, murdering and pillaging helpless populations and placing Ross in a moral quandary.

For connoisseurs of Renaissance military tactics and weaponry, not only is Kilgore’s tale an unparalleled tutorial, working the educational details of the period into Ross’ story, but providing a wealth of Appendices on the topic. These Appendices cover sixteenth-century weapons, metallurgy, mail coats, variety of missiles, swords and shields, halberds and pikes, military baldrics, and cavalry tactics. A book not to be missed by amateur enthusiasts of Late Middle Ages military affairs. —SiriusReviews.com

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