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Frenzy, by Glenn Lazar Roberts
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Frenzy, by Glenn Lazar Roberts

Frenzy is a fast-paced, suspenseful,  supernatural murder mystery and sci-fi horror tale with a surprise ending. Pretty microbiologist Carm, reluctantly agrees to host a hurricane party in the Nicholas MacDonald Cancer Research Institute, arranged by her new husband Carl. The party-goers, including a stripper, a lawyer, two psychics, a computer geek, a stranger who wandered in for a beer, two good old boys named Terry and Cracker, and a colorful eccentric named Wild Bill, are forced by the storm into the basement where they discover that their only escape is through the city’s neglected and dangerous pedestrian tunnels. After they enter, someone programs the Monster-Mash in the Institute’s basement to manufacture a torrent of one-minute piranhas and releases them into the tunnels that are flooding.

A gang of drug dealers on Harley-Davidson hogs, corporate intrigue, a murder mystery, the Edgar Cacye and Nostradamus, hi-tech gadgetry; all are packed into this quick-reading tale in a staccato style, replete with snappy dialogue from the strikingly memorable characters. Perhaps most interesting is the extended treatment of the ideas of the physicist Stephen Wolfram, whose ideas on cellular automata in A New Kind of Science are interwoven into the plot and serve as the scientific basis of the Monster-Mash.

The only sci-fi novel ever to be based in Houston, located in Houston’s downtown tunnel system and the famous Texas Medical Center, tho not named. Houston’s leading Cancer Research Center located not distant from the fictional MacDonald Institute. —SiriusReviews.com.

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Frenzy, by Glenn Lazar Roberts, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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