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The Secret’s Out: Blackphone
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The Secret’s Out: Blackphone

From SGP Technologies, the latest variant of Android has its own proprietary OS with multiple tweaks and layers of increased security, thrusting Blackphone into the void created by the revelation of universal spying by US intelligence agencies immediately after the collapse of Blackberry. At 4.7 inches diagonal, 4G over GSM, you can send a Silent Text that self-destructs after a set period; mutual oral verification before initiating communication; with auto blocking of location and browsing history; traceless voice and video calls; and completely anonymous Internet browsing. System-wide encryption is also included and of course delete all of your files remotely if stolen or lost. Blackphone is designed for people like Angela Merkel–and everyone else who does not entirely trust the US NSA, from privacy activists to professionals to the exploding numbers of foreign middle classes–even criminals and terrorists, which may amount to a much huger market than Blackphone’s rivals recognize. Yes, it’s a new improved crypto-Blackberry, but the current global reaction may provide the chance to reclaim this lost nitch.  —SiriusReviews.com

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