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The Selk King, by Glenn Lazar Roberts
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The Selk King, by Glenn Lazar Roberts

A unique and visionary epic in beautiful nets of language with sustained flights of fancy. Flores of the Turlicum pursues Amina to the Island of the Dead, recruiting a ship and a crew to rescue her. A new roster of misanthropes appear: Fish, slave of the Golden Cyclops and the eternal whirling sceptre; the senile miser King Kot, whose ‘piebald raiment awaits’; Wijah who requires her paramour to wear a mask of nails. On the Island, Flores, like Dante, ascends the many levels of Ra’Allah, or Heavenhell, climbing a black tower from its baser regions to the cloud-driven city of the selks and at last confronts the Adversary of Men in the Eye of Vensor, demanding an explanation for the evil he has seen. The answer is as surprising as the plot. Behind the Veil secrets lurk. Non-stop gory action in a thinking man’s swashbuckling fantasy of 140,000 words. Book Two of the Maalstrom Series. —SiriusReviews.com.




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