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The Appeal, by John Grisham

I am a huge John Grisham fan. I have been reading Grisham novels (like most of the rest of the world, I suspect, since his books have since been translated into 29 languages and have sold over 225 million copies worldwide according to his Amazon author page) since “The Firm” was released in 1987. And I have remained a die-hard fan to date and eagerly await each new novel so I can add it to my “fun reading” list.

With “The Appeal”, Grisham showcases his knack for keeping his finger on the pulse of not just legal or corporate culture, but also popular culture as well. He tackles the financial machinations of Wall Street, the dirty dealings of national politics, the well documented selfishness of big business practices, the inner workings of high powered “trophy marriages”, and of course the challenges of keeping multiple illegal balls in the air when everything dishonest people care about appears to be at stake.

All that to say – “The Appeal” didn’t reach the number one best seller list by accident. If you are facing anything where you are afraid the time might drag (airplane rides, doctor’s office waits, or drivers license renewal lines all spring to mind) bring “The Appeal” along and watch the time fly by. —Shannon for SiriusReviews.com


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