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The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

I’ve bought this book at least five times in the past twenty years.  Each copy was so dogeared and had so many notes in the margins, I eventually just gave up and got a new one. Just today, I got one for a friend. But then, full confession, stole it back so I could look at it a bit more (and write this review!)

If you’ve never heard of The Artist’s Way, it’s like the Ben and Jerry’s or Starbucks of the creativity books. Once you’ve gotten hooked, you’re hooked for life. There’s now a whole other market to them including journals and the rest. Cameron’s one person I’m glad to have seen be able to cash in with things like that.

So, what can this book do for you? Well, basically, it helps you live your life artistically and with purpose. It requires that you find time each week to look after yourself, even if that’s just one minute a day. It soothes you if you’ve always considered God to be mean, judgmental and no friend to your artistic side. In Cameron’s world, God loves creativity and wants you to blossom.

This book helped me achieve many of my goals, both artistic, business, and personal. I  give it as a gift every chance I get. If you hate it, you can always do the same. –Siriusreviews.com

Meriwether O’Connor

Meriwether O’Connor is a small farmer and writer. If you ever notice any chicken footprints across a review, she was probably typing outside in the barn.

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