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The Godfather Returns, by Mark Winegardner

While this follow-up to the best-selling books by Mario Puzo and the spectacularly successful movies meshes well with the plot and timeline of the original Corleone family saga—and the concept is the kind of book proposal that makes corporate editors drool—the result is surprisingly disappointing. The title reminds one of Return of the Son of Swamp Thing. The print has numerous typos. Description overpowers dialogue, which is itself stilted and indistinguishable from character to character and leads the reader to hope for a quick return to more description. The protagonist Geraci is an impossible combination of educated attorney and low-brow boxer from the wrong side of the tracks who idolizes a hit-man Prohibition drop-out truck-driver as an absent father.

Geraci’s penchant for deep philosophical observations are the kind that only sedentary writers utter. The narrative is too concise; the style the kind of clipped courier cartoon writing that afflicts much of modern fiction and which the book industry perpetuates in the hope they will not overstrain the literacy of its intended audience. Would that the denouement was more entertaining than this book supplies. Only die-hard Puzo fans and paid marketing-machine reviewers could recommend this book to others—unless the latter actually read what they review, which, considering the effusive praise they have poured over this tome, seems highly doubtful. —SiriusReviews.com.

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