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The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post 9/11 America More Images
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The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post 9/11 America

You might remember Susan Faludi from Backlash, her feminist classic. Or, from Stiffed, another good book of hers where she does what the public doesn’t expect from feminists, she gives men their fair due as well.

The Terror Dream follows American’s beliefs and the twist they’ve taken in the past decade. She asks one of my own questions… Why did the media portray commercial and military symbols being destroyed as America itself being destroyed? Without downplaying the terror or tragedy of the day, she asks the questions that are often glossed over in mainstream newspapers.

She goes back in America’s history to set the stage both for the tragedy itself and for our response to it. If you want easy answers or if you hate historical research, skip this one right now. If you don’t mind settling down with a somewhat emotionally and historically difficult read, pick it up. —Siriusreviews.com

Meriwether O’Connor

Meriwether O’Connor is a small farmer and writer. If you ever notice any chicken footprints across a review, she was probably typing outside in the barn.

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