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Thinking Fast And Slow

If you liked pop economics books like Freakanomics, you might like this more in depth look at how people think (or don’t think) rationally.

At nearly 500 pages, this is a book you need to make time for. If you’re in a rush, though it is somewhat academic, it’s entertaining enough that you can find interesting anecdotes to flip to and at least feel like you got the gist of it between changing diapers or chasing cows. (Or whatever your personal brand of daily business includes)

Written by a Nobel Prize winner in economics, you’ll have something to consider on every page. The basic premise is that we use System 1 and System 2 thinking. System 1 is quick and emotional while System 2 takes longer and is more analytical. Even with both those two types of processes, though, we still spend much of our time misunderstanding or misjudging situations as we don’t often want to admit the mishaps in our thinking processes themselves. –Siriusreviews.com

Meriwether O’Connor

Meriwether O’Connor is a small farmer and writer. If you ever notice any chicken footprints across a review, she was probably typing outside in the barn.

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