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The Wrestler
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The Wrestler

When The Wrestler came out it received quite a bit of hype which was surprising for a wrestling movie. The film is however much more than a wrestling movie. The Wrestler depicts Mickey Rourke as an aging wrestler struggling to manage his career and personal life, both of which are in poor shape. We see the brutal rigors he is willing to endure for low paying jobs and the terrible effects they have on his body. During the movie The Ram (Rourke) tries to reunite with his adult daughter whom he abandoned when she was young.

After a massive heart attack and doctor’s orders to never wrestle again, The Ram begins to build a stable life for himself. He works a job at a deli counter and manages to make progress with his daughter. Things do not stay sunny for very long though as old habits for The Ram die hard. There is a point somewhere in the movie where you will forget that it is about wrestling and see that it is more about a man who has been chewed up and spit out and has nothing left to give, but still keeps getting up. The Wrestler is a surprisingly touching yet gritty and real film that you won’t soon forget. —SiriusReviews.com

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