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With so many films re-exploring classic horror concepts, zombies are no exception. In this zombie apocalypse movie we get a perfect blend of action and comedy. Zombieland does not take itself too seriously and try to make bold statements about the world. It’s just a fun movie about a group of survivors struggling with the end of life as they know it. Jesse Eisenberg plays an unlikely survivor that lasts mainly due to his extensive list of rules about how to survive in Zombieland. His cautious methods are tested when he meets up with his polar opposite played by Woody Harrelson.

Tallahassee (Harrelson) is the stereotypical devil may care hero that bursts into any situation with guns blazing. Despite the plainness of the character Harrelson not only makes it work but steals the show and turns Tallahassee into a sort of lovable rogue. Zombieland provides a ton of laughs, plenty of action and explosions and even manages to squeeze in a few tender moments. Not quite cultured cinema but certainly an enjoyable film to watch. –Siriusreviews.com

Daniel Hayden

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